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Dr1ven Brand
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Motivational content and gear like t-shirts, hats and even socks to inspire the business community.

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100+ Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant eBook
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This guide helps you understand the impact that hiring a virtual assistant can have on your organization.

Learn the following:

How Gresham Harkless used virtual assistants to grow Blue 16 Media and CBNation
100+ ways you can use a virtual assistant (VA)
16 best practices for hiring a virtual assistant

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CBNation Amazon Influencer
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We are Amazon Influencers. Check out our CEO Hack recommendations that you can get directly on Amazon. You will see the following:


I AM CEO Coloring Book
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This 16 page coloring book is for CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners to relax and harness their creativity.

This collaborative book features inspiration Each page of the book features the following brands–I AM Coloring, Blue 16 Media, I AM CEO, Still Work 2 Do, Leash Talk, DR1VEN Brand and more.

Studies have shown that adult coloring can reduce stress, increase motor skills, improve sleep, improve focus and help with relaxation. With the disruption and change happening in our world, we hope this is something that helps you stay peaceful and healthy mentally and emotionally. 

Also includes a pack with 4 crayons. 

Get the electronic version at CBNation and

Get the physical version at and

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