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What is a CEO Hack?

App, books, resources and habits that help you to be more effective and efficient

As any CEO, entrepreneur or business owner knows, there are a million things to juggle and keep up with. Whether it is employees, contractors, clients, prospective clients, expenses, self-development, etc. that to-do list seems to keep growing and growing. Because of this, time is one of the most valuable resources that an entrepreneur or business owner can have and it’s very important to leverage every second and minute that you can. So that you can spend more time in your zone of genius or brilliance and work ON the business instead of IN the business.

At CBNation and Blue 16 Tech, we are very aware of how best to leverage our most valuable resource–time—to be extremely efficient and effective. From having 10-15 minute meetings to scheduling everything down to the minute, we value time and understand how important it is.

It’s such an important thing that I even ask it on our I AM CEO Podcast to every guest. The goal is to hear about those apps, books, habits or resources that might end up saving you more and more time as a CEO, entrepreneur or business owner. Once, I started to ask this question. I started to wonder how I would answer the question myself–“What is [my] favorite CEO Hack?”

Because I use so many tools in my business, I decided to put together a master list of some of the resources or “CEO Hacks” that I use including Audible, Canva, G SuiteEvernoteBasecampHAROInsight Timer, Asana and Fiverr or books like The One Thing or The E-Myth. Those are just a few but I listed the 7 ones that I use and you need to know about here. There’s a master list of 100+ here many of which we may not use regularly as a team but you should know about them. The point is this is a master list that will grow and expand with more and more resources that equip you with the tools, information and knowledge to implement and optimize many of these tools yourself but you may also reach out to us at Blue 16 Tech for a consultation or if you need help and support. Be sure to check out the list and also check out the CEO Hack Blog where we regularly break down many of these hacks and how you can use them to be super effective and efficient.

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Originally posted and adapted from What the heck is a CEO Hack? on CEO Blog Nation 


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