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How to Use Copymatic's SmartEditor to Create Content Using AI

Hey there! So I just learned about this awesome tool called that can help you create all kinds of content. The best part is the Smart Editor, which is like a Swiss army knife of all the tools. It literally writes content as you're typing and gives you ideas on what to include. You can create different types of content, like blog posts or landing pages, and even add images. It's still a little buggy, but it's a great way to level up your performance and productivity. You can even get daily email hacks with tips and resources. Overall, it's a really cool tool and definitely worth checking out. Let me know if you have any questions or want to learn more!

Sample Text: The Smart Editor, which is the Swiss army knife of all these tools. If you watched the video, you saw how to sign in and set up your trial. Clicking directly on the side or through the tool will launch this content generator. Type in whatever kind of material you want to create - it begins writing immediately as you type. And there are tons of different options available for creating content. As you go along, the AI suggests more ideas and elaborates on what you've written. It's great for busy leaders who need a productivity boost every day - by signing up for Copymatics, they can use this smart editor for their own projects too! Of course at the end there's also the option to save, copy and push it to WordPress if desired - plus images can be added as well! That's how this powerful tool works.


How to Create a Blog Post Using AI


This transcription is about using a tool called Copymatic to create blog posts. The tool has a built-in plagiarism checker and allows users to choose the level of creativity they want and generate titles, intros, and outlines. Users can also export the content in different ways and push it to WordPress through the Copymatic plugin. The transcription provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Copymatic to turn your ideas into a blog post. He also mentions the importance of checking for plagiarism and tweaking the generated content as needed.


How to Create Social Media Content Using AI


Hey there! This video is all about using a tool called Copymatic to create social media content. We suggest signing up for a trial of Copymatic and using the social media tool. We explain how to choose the level of creativity and tone of voice, and even provide an example company name and description. Copymatic generates four different ideas for social media posts and provides content that can be edited and tweaked to fit your voice and style. We emphasize the importance of saving valuable content and using it later on your social media profiles. Overall, it's a quick and easy way to create social media posts using AI.


How to Create TLDR Content / Summarizing Content Using AI


Hey, buckle up because I'm about to show you how to use AI to create TLDR content for your website. We're going to use CEO Blog Nation as an example and find a piece of content to summarize. With Copymatic, you can choose from 82 different tools, including the TLDR option. We're going to generate some content with a high level of creativity and efficiency. Copy and paste the text, generate some content, and voila! You have four different options for TLDR content. One cool use for this tool is to put the TLDR summary at the top of your best-performing blog post. It's a quick and easy way to summarize a lot of content, but don't forget to double-check for plagiarism. Overall, Copymatic is a pretty awesome tool to create less content but still get your point across. So, sign up for a test drive and give it a whirl!


How to Create a Transcription (e.g. Show Notes) Summary Using AI

We discuss how to use Copymatic's smart editor to create a summary of a video's transcript. He explains that the smart editor is a robust tool that can help create a summary of the video's content. He walks through the steps of copying the transcript and pasting it into the smart editor, selecting the auto-writing option, and clicking "paraphrase" to get a summary. He then explains how they would further paraphrase the summary to get to the gist of the content. He also mentions that the final summary can be added directly next to the video to provide viewers with an overview of the video's content.

Example Text Created: I really like the features Copymatic has to offer, especially with the Smart Editor. It gives you a lot of creative room to play around and create something which might have been difficult before. Using the tool, I can take any video I made and get it a transcript with ease. Then from that transcript, I want to create a summary so people can read and know what this video is all about when they watch it, without replicating the whole thing. This summary will not only be on my page but also next to the video for easy access. So I'm going to paraphrase this transcript again and see if I can sum up what was said in a few lines. With Copymatic's Smart Editor, creating a brief yet informative summary becomes much easier than before!

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